About Us

Our Mission

To inspire adventure - Whether it be exploring our beautiful planet or starting your own business, life is an adventure. We work together with local creators and adventurers to help showcase the world’s beautiful and distinct features. Sometimes we take what we have around us for granted and don't appreciate the beauty that surrounds all of us. 

  Our Story

Open Planes was created on February 22, 2019. We were created with the intent to show everyone that we all can make a difference and bring any idea that we imagine to life. With hard work, you can do anything you aspire to! With the help of many talented film makers and adventurers we were able to bring this idea alive. We seek to motivate and inspire everyone around us. Each and every one of us have the ability to positively make a difference everyday.

Our Values

Family Our community of adventurers and cinematographers know that we all have the ability to influence and inspire. We are a family with the similar goal of building a life that you want for yourself. 

Pushing limits We all believe in innovation and growth. Everyday is a new day to learn more about our world, to inspire others, and to help the less fortunate. Put work into your craft everyday!

Quality Everyday we search for new fabrics/cuts to help take our quality to the next level.

Adventure Do we even need to explain this part? The unknown is all around us, everyday is a journey, everyday is a new adventure.