About Us

Our Mission

Ignite the spirit of adventure – whether it's navigating the wonders of our magnificent planet or embarking on the entrepreneurial journey, life itself is an extraordinary adventure. Collaborating with local creators and fellow adventurers, we strive to unveil the world's captivating and unique features. In our daily lives, we often overlook the profound beauty that envelops us. We aspire to change that perspective and cultivate a deeper appreciation for the remarkable beauty that surrounds us all.  

Our Story

Founded on February 22, 2019, Open Planes embarked on its journey with a singular purpose – to showcase that each individual possesses the power to make a meaningful impact and breathe life into imaginative ideas. Through dedication and hard work, any aspiration can manifest into reality. Supported by a community of skilled filmmakers, dreamers, and adventurers, we collectively transformed this vision into a tangible reality. Our overarching mission is to motivate and inspire everyone we encounter, emphasizing that each person holds the potential to make a positive difference every day.

Our Values

Family Our community of adventurers and cinematographers know that we all have the ability to influence and inspire. We are a family with the similar goal of building a life that you want for yourself. 

Pushing limits Embracing innovation and growth, we believe that every day offers new opportunities to learn about our world, inspire others, and support those in need. Dedicate yourself to refining your craft daily!

Quality Pursuing excellence, we continually explore new fabrics and cuts to elevate the quality of our pieces.

Adventure Do we even need to explain this part? The unknown is all around us, everyday is a journey, everyday is a new adventure.